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  • How will you transform yourself with this Self Care Workbook?

    ✔️You will be able to pinpoint which aspects of your life needs more self-care and then you will be able to take the correct action.
    ✔️You will gain a clear idea of your life purpose for your own spiritual self-care.
    ✔️Finally you will be able to set healthy boundaries for your emotional and mental self-care.
    ✔️Set exciting goals for your own mental well-being.
    ✔️I have included a quick fix self care worksheet on hand for bad days to instantly bring about calm and feelings of empowerment (page 16) But that's not all ........

    I have also included a few book recommendations for your Self Care Journey.

    You will love love this!

    Peace & love Veronica Hurley

    No refunds or exchanges
    This is NOT an editable file
    Permission to use this workbook for personal use only.

    Truth Olive Beauty Care The Ultimate Selfcare Workbook Empressdigitalveronique

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