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  • Spa Break in a box.


    Discover Truth Olive Beauty Care Selfcare Mystery Beauty Box that has been divinely created to relax your mind, body and soul.


    All you need to pamper, preen and perfect!


    Perfect for all skin types too.


    Immersive and indulgent, decadent.


    Revive, refresh and reset.


    A true sensory experience.


    Filled with Tender love and care, just for you or as a gift for someone special.


    This unique Mystery Selfcare box will enlighten anyone's day.


    Even though our selfcare letterbox products are a mystery they have been created with lots of love and care.


    We have selected all different items to be inside our Mystery Boxes because we wanted to pamper you with a variety of luxury beauty assessories.


    There will be 8 beautiful items in your Mystery Selfcare Beauty Box.


    Would you like some clues?


    This item will give you a pure salty exfoliation to give you soft, smooth and glowing skin.

    It's time to eat, drink and indulge with something belgian sweet just for you .

    Soft, 100% Cotton to celebrate special moments.

    I am made from select woods, resins, floral, and fine essential oils and I am blended skillfully with expert care and love. A relaxing aroma of lavender❤️

    This item is 24K Gold, Bio-Collagen, moisturising, pore minimising and ant-wrinkle.

    I contain 100% Soyabean oil and smell like creamy coconut.

    I am pink, cute and will definately add a touch of luxury to your skincare routine. I am a beauty tool that will improve your circulation and brighten up your skin.



    🎁Are you extra curious? Here are some more refined clues.🎀


    🎁Tea lights to brighten up your mood with the gorgeous aroma of a set of lovely Wax Melts.


    🎁Vegan Face Mask to soothe your skin.


    🎁2 Belgian Chocolates ❤❤


    🎁Love Heart Sweets


    🎁Sample packs of Pharmaid Organic products


    🎁1 Face Roller


    🎁Pure Bath Experience for you to indulge in🎀


    There are more item's but we want to keep those a mystery.


    Rituals Olive Beauty Care want to surprise you and with our first five orders you will recieve a copy of our Ultimate Selfcare Workbook for FREE.




    Because you are worth it!


    Rituals Olive Beauty Care will support the inner you aswell as the outer you.


    Our Tender Loving Care card will be placed inside your parcel.


    If you would like us to send your parcel to a love one then PLEASE MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE THE CORRECT DELIVERY ADDRESS AT THE CHECKOUT PAGE.


    Please contact us if you have any queries.

    Truth Olive Beauty Care Selfcare Mystery Beauty Box

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