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    Pharmaid Athena's Treasures Shower Gel Valeriana Anti Stress 250ml, Alcohol-Free Sensitive Skin Shower Gel, Tropical Fragrance

    Premium Bodycare

    •    Pharmaid's Valeriana Anti Stress Shower Gel will give you peace and tranquility as it soothes your skin.
    •    Enriched with the finest ingredients such as vitamins A, E, F, H and Anti-Stress properties.
    •    Valeriana is known for it's calming affect and can help reduce feelings of nervous tension. It can also give you a good night's rest.

    1.    Volume 250ml
    2.    Infused with
    3.    Organic Olive Leaf
    4.    100% Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    5.    Paraben Free
    6.    Animal Cruelty Free

    •    This sensational product will clean, soften, protect, as it soothes the body and mind.

    This creation will arrive wrapped in love but you will also recieve our complimentary gift from us to you...

    Organic Skincare Pharmaid Athena Treasure Shower Gel Valeriana Anti Stress 250ml

    SKU: 6510104
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