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    Exclusive Natural oil with 100% bio pomegranate oil for face & body oil.


    I absolutely love this oil!




    • Pomegranate Has Anti-Aging Properties. As you get older, your skin changes. 
    • Pomegranate Seed Oil Is Extremley Hydrating. Hydration is perhaps one of its most well-known advantages; pomegranates provide excellent hydration.
    • Provides Protection From The Sun.
    • Helps In Skin Degeneration.
    • Improves Skin Texture.


    You will achieve extraodinary skin results with this amazing oil.Our company, Rituals Olive Beauty Care, links its customers with the most sustainable products. While actively working against the non-organic items and the high costs, our company also provides the highest quality to its customers.Your body is a temple; that is why we hope to nurture it with Pharmaid's top-quality products. They are made with natural ingredients and picked out with exceptional care for you.





    Let us bring out the Goddess - Aphrodite in you.

    Organic Skincare Pharmaid Athena's Treasures Greek Pomegranate Natural Oil 50ml

    SKU: 6510290
    • Ingredients: helianthus annuus seed oil, hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate, hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables, punica granatum seed oil, olea europaea fruit oil, tocopherol, glyceryl caprylate

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