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The Deluxe Footcare 💥Show Your Feet Some love with Truth Olive Beauty Care

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Have you forgotten to pamper your feet?

We always talk about double cleansing and moisturising our body but your feet are just as important and always need alot of TLC - Tender Loving Care❤

But here's the thing, you always need to do the prep work before adding your usual footcare creams.

1. Treat yourself to a relaxing foot pedicure.

2. Always invest in a organic moisturising Shower/ bath wash.

3. In between your pedicures use a foot scrub treatment that you can use at home.

4.Last but least use a triple Moisturising Foot cream for extremely dry feet.

My favourite footcare are these four little beauties.

Athena's Treasures Foot cream is so moisturising and is infused with mint/tea tree oil.

This amazing product is for tired and swollen feet. With organic olive oil & olive leaf extract.

Donkey Milk Treasures Foot Cream Tea Tree / Repairing-Restorative 100ml

This foot cream is for cracked heels.

It is infused with 100% Greek cryogenic donkey milk *, organic olive oil, tea tree oil and urea.

Aloe Treasures Hand & Foot Scrub 👀Cream

It's pamper time my lovelies!

This gorgeous creation that is infused with 100% Aloe Vera will exfoliate your hands and feet, with organic aloe extract and organic olive oil.

Your hands will glow and feel extremely smooth.

Velvet In Heaven 💙 Creation

Athena's Treasures

Foot Cream Natural

Goddesses and Aphrodites, this foot cream is so moisturizing and is enriched with organic olive oil, olive leaf extract, organic aloe and natural aroma.

Summer is here my darlings, so don't hesitate to pamper your feet.

They will love you for it❤

I can assure you💙

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