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The True Beauty Snoop

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Hey darlings!

Welcome to my beauty hub where I will be sharing with you all my beauty care tips.

When you become a VIP member you will get the chance to hear about all the different offers that will be available within Truth Olive Beauty Care.

Giveaways, Competitions, raffles and lot's of different offers.

You will get the chance to discuss what are the best Organic products that you have used and what you would like to change in your beauty ritual.

Organic is better - for you and the environment. Why? Well, Organic products are made of natural, non-toxic ingredients suitable for your skin and keep you far from allergies

"Beauty is Power; a smile is its sword "by John Ray but the true beauty lays within your whole being.

So let's take a snoop into beauty but also into why beauty also involves selfcare.

Did you know that the scent and texture of a product can really uplift your mood?

Truth Olive Beauty Care will supply you products that contain Organic essential oils which will benefit your mind, body and soul.

Making yourself a beauty selfcare plan is a perfect idea as it will help you gain more confidence about yourself bringing lots of shimmer and sparkle to your hair, body and skin.

You will get a chance to decide your own skincare goals, log how you are feeling and being aware of your daily needs emotionally, physically and mentally.

One of my favourite tools is my Favourite Skin, hair and nail products log as it helps me to keep track on which products are working for me.

Free Selfcare planners will be available to all VIP members.

Even though Rituals Olive Beauty Care is a small-sized company, the products we display are high-end. these products are near and dear to our hearts, and selfcare consultations are also offered.

Subscribe and lets beauty snoop.

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