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Our Organic Secret! Truth Olive Beauty Care

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We aim to dazzle our community with Pure Organic products mixed with the best customer service ever.

Nothing beats affordable Natural raw products that will actually nourish and moisturise you all over.

When I created Truth Olive Beauty Care I had a vision in my mind. A vision to create a beauty store that would go above and beyond for every person who reached out to us.

Supplying Pharmaid Organic Skincare/Haircare and body care products was our starting point because we knew how fabulous they are.

The results became more visible as more customers began to give more and more positive feedback.💕

But why would you choose Truth Olive Beauty Care when you have more established companies out there who you trust and like already? answer is simple, clear and understandable.

Pharmaid's ingredients are organic, exclusive, pure, simple but yet unique. Most of Pharmaid's Cosmetics contain 100% Greek Olive.

For example, Athena's Treasures Laurel Conditioner is a tonic for your hair.

This amazing Conditioner by Pharmaid Cosmetics is for all hair types but what are the benefits of Laurel for your hair?

This amazing Organic Ingredient supports healthy hair and scalp.

💚It can really boost hair growth and strengthen brittle hair.

💚It can also help a flaky scalp and dandruff.

💚It contains Vitamins A +E, 100% Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Leaf Extracts, panthenol & Wheat germ proteins.

💚Restoring, nourishing, moisturises the hair and scalp giving them health, shines and softness.

Pharmaid Cosmetics hair care really is the best.

Truth Olive Beauty Care also offers you a full personalised personal care consultation.

We only supply Pure Organic Vegan Products that do what they say they do.

Stay tuned as we have more tips coming soon.❤

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