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My Digital Journey

So here I am my Queen's.

My name is Veronica, Veronique in French 💟

I want to learn french and speak it fluently one day but first lets talk about me in the digital world.

I am the Director of Truth Olive Beauty Care and I sell Organic skin and haircare beauty products for the ladies, however if a gentleman needed my help of course I would serve him as I would you my Queen's.

I decided to extend my business with a selection of digital products which I thought would sell immediately but boy was I wrong but guess what?...

I didn't use the proper tools or had a good method.

There was no clear strategy and all I was doing was throwing spaghetti on the wall expecting it to stick 🙄.

One night I was scrolling through TikTok and I saw 3 of my usual digital creators but this night I decided to buy it from one particular content creator.


Because I knew inside this was my time to be in a better financial situation.

I then clicked the button which took me to the page where this was it. I was actually buying this digital product.

My heart started to pump fast and I was getting nervous but by now I had paid for my item and was ready to Join the support group that came with offer.

I was in and had alot of work to do and learn but I was ready.

PART 2 will be coming my beautiful one's.

Peace and love



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