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Lush And Go! Truth Olive Beauty Care

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Lush And Go - Pharmaid Aloe Treasures Sensational Shower Gel Scrub


Whether you are someone who is looking for the best organic body care products to pamper your skin or someone whose skincare routine is not limited to face and neck, then you are just at the right spot. We have brought you the best shower gel you could ever experience. 

It is always a treat for us to watch girls taking time for themselves and loving their bodies even more every day. And why not! Our skin deserves all the gentleness in the world. However, the unavailability of 100% natural skincare products, especially shower gels and scrubs, makes us a little annoyed. 

All of us struggle to find a product that is highly effective, nourishing, gentle to our skin, and affordable at the same time. Truth olive beauty care introduced its aloe vera soothing product line made with friendly ingredients that are just ahh-mazing! 

Talking about shower gels and scrubs, this company understands the science behind the skin's needs and knows the art of making high-end products that are kinder to your skin. Moreover, our valuable customers highly approve of our Pharmaid Wellness products, such as our shower gels. 


Pharmaid Aloe Treasure Sensational Shower Gel 


One of our fabulous products is Pharmaid Aloe Treasures Sensational Shower Gel Scrub. It is a 100% natural skincare product that will boost your skin's health and instantly make it look hydrated. If you are looking for a body gel that nourishes your skin, cleanses it, and makes it look moisturized, then this is undoubtedly what you are looking for.


Rich In Vitamin A And E

The vitamin A, E, F, and H infused in this product holds many benefits such as UV rays protection, prevention of collagen breakdown, strengthening cells, etc. Moreover, sensitive skin types are highly recommended, especially in summer, to avoid allergies and rashes.


Use Of Organic Aloe Vera and Bio Olive Kernel


This product is extremely gentle to the skin and is infused with 100% organic aloe vera and bio olive kernel. The moisturizing properties of aloe vera help in various skin conditions such as acne, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, etc., which I know most of us are concerned about. The bio-olive kernel also works as a potent antioxidant and repairs the skin from the inside. 

Hence, this 100% natural shower gel is an all-rounder. It refreshes the skin and protects and treats it while leaving a soft, soothing effect on the skin. 


Our Products Are Free Of All Toxic Ingredients 


In addition to its ultimate soothing properties, this top organic product is free from any toxic ingredients such as it is free from parabens, artificially modified plants, phthalates, and isopropyl alcohol. And you know what the best part is? It's also not tested on animals which means it's cruelty-free. 

After diving deep into this unique product, we can safely say that Truth Olive Beauty Care has stepped ahead of other brands by making products that fulfil customers' needs.  

Now protect your skin effortlessly with Truth Olive Beauty Care using our aloe vera-induced mild shower gel and other top organic beauty products!

Happy Skincare Days!


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